Monday, June 14, 2010

Dirt Cake And Mercury

I made edible dirt cake tonight--no not the really cool Oreo kind that looks like adorable dirt mounds with cute gummy worms.
No, this cake TASTED like dirt.  It also had a grainy sandy texture--somewhat reminiscent of dirt.
The problem is that I experiment a lot and try new things a lot.  That's good AND bad.  Some things turn out great.  Some things are awful.
We bought amaranth for the first time--small seedy looking grains--and I ground them up for flour to make a cake, with the arrowroot starch that my husband wanted to try.  It SOUNDED healthy, so we figured 'why not'?
Well, possibly because amaranth is grainy and arrowroot tastes like dirt...
Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure out some way to use it on something, somehow.  It's just another challenge.

Another good AND bad thing is that my children are devouring this cake like starving third world orphans.  I'm torn between feeling relieved and alarmed.  Are they THAT starved for junk food?  Am I missing something?  Is it the colorful sprinkles that draw them in?  My eldest actually enthusiastically described it to guests tonight, "It tastes like dirt, only kind of lemony and metallic!"  They opted out of trying it.  Go figure.

Another important thing I want to discuss--besides the point of not using amaranth and arrowroot to bake a cake--is DON'T LET YOUR CHILDREN play with mercury.
No duh, I'm sure.  But the sneaky ones will find a way.  I did.  I always found it irresistibly interesting.  I snuck outside to play with an old broken thermometer, more than once--letting the smooth silver liquid roll around in my hand, watching it break apart and reform into a ball again.  And NOW, sometimes I wonder if perhaps, it's things like that which triggered my body to be so sensitive.  Maybe not.  Probably not, but I'll always wonder.  And my dear family could attest that sometimes, growing up, I really did seem as loony as a mad hatter...
Only God knows.  But just don't take any chances. Keep your kids away from toxins.  That's my lesson for today.  Let them eat dirt cake instead.


  1. You played with... mercury...?! WhAT?!

    But that is why we don't have those curly spiral lightbulbs. My kids break lightbulbs all the time and that kind has mercury.

    Sprinkles work for everything! I put it on sliced bananas and my kids will suddenly eat them.

    Everything I make tastes like dirt!

  2. Yes, I played with mercury. And I dearly hope that they stopped putting lead in pencils before I started school because I ate pencils too.
    And glue and crayons and paper and what not... There are probably many good reasons for why I am the way that I am. :S (My poor mom!)
    I didn't know that about the curly light bulbs. Thanks for telling me. We bust them pretty you suppose simply sweeping and vacuuming is enough to detox the perimeter?

    Thanks for commenting Kelsey!

  3. Oh my gosh I always chewed my pencils until they were raggedy stumps!. And they would have been lead way back in the dark ages, when everything was in black and white, and according to my youngest, when iron's or cars weren't even invented! I love your blog by the way. I look forward to following you, its so entertaining and youv'e got lots of lovely looking recipes!


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