Monday, January 3, 2011

Overdue Post

After arriving in the south east,  I tried to start a garden, asap.  Arriving in mid August made my chances of seeing that garden come to fruit, very slim.  Broccoli, cauliflower, brusselsprouts, collard greens, Swiss Chard, butternut  squash, winter snap peas, and two unlikely candidates, donated by my mom:  a tomato plant and an eggplant plant.
Believe it or not, everything came to fruit!  I still have a hard time believing this because I'm still new to gardening and these things all seem like miracles to me.  My tomato and eggplant didn't do so hot, but they both bore a small bit of fruit.  Nothing is more satisfying than cooking and eating your OWN home grown vegetables.  Skimpy as they might have been...
One incredible blessing I've experienced is having my wish to find edible wild mushrooms, fulfilled!  One morning, my oldest son came in and showed me that he and daddy had discovered lots of big mushrooms in the back yard.  I knew what they were when I saw them:  Puffballs!  But I didn't know for sure if they were a safe, edible variety.  After a lot of researching and testing, we were confident that they were indeed edible and delicious.  So, I sauteed  some in butter and garlic and tried a tiny bit.  It was good and I had no unpleasant side effects, so that was the green light to eat more. My favorite way to prepare them was stuffed with mozzarella cheese,  GF breaded, pan fried and served with marinara sauce.   There was a large quantity of them--15 or so, all fist sized.  I shared them with friends and had them fairly often.  I can't wait to find them again next year.
We've also discovered a few places to buy gluten free products locally--Yippee!  Thank you Krogers and Wal-Mart.  But I still miss you, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods!

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