Friday, September 27, 2013

Is It Shameful for a Married Woman to Try to Stay Slim?

I've heard other women in my region of the country complain about married ladies who diet and try to exercise.  Like it's sinful to want to be thin and trim and those women who do are just trying to catch a man's eye.  I hate that false stereotype, so here are my REAL reasons for watching what I eat:


1.  I love buying new clothes, but I HATE BEING FORCED TO BUY NEW CLOTHES because I outgrew all of my old ones and can't squeeze into them anymore!  :P

2.  I truly have a hard time feeling confident and outgoing when I secretly hate the way I look.  I know I'm extremely aware of myself when I'm carrying around an extra 20-40 lbs, when I am (and believe me, it's easy to get there!)   Maybe I'm shallow, but I know what it takes for me to feel free to be myself and convey that sense of security to others.  No one wants to hang out with someone who's so insecure they can't make eye contact.

3.  I hurt, I ache and I have low-no energy when I'm pulling around the extra 20-40 lbs.  And I KNOW it's because my body is not healthy.  My arteries are probably clogged, my cholesterol is soaring and I can't breathe or catch a breath after going up a flight of stairs.  Who wants that?!?

4.  My kids need a mom with energy!  They deserve a mom with stamina.  Being a mom who constantly has to lay around on the couch is a drag.  That's how I feel when I'm on my way up instead of on my way down the scale!

5.  I want my husband to say, "Wow! That's my wife!"  And I don't want to be distracted by how awful I look when we're being intimate.  He admittedly doesn't notice, but I DO and that ruins things for him.

6.   I love karate!  I'm currently a purple belt!  If I gain too much wait, I know I'll be tempted to quit.  It's already hard enough for a mom of three to find time for karate as it is without throwing another excuse into the mix.  My oldest son also enjoys taking lessons with me.

7.  I don't believe God would want me to completely destroy my body with a gluttonous, lazy lifestyle.  Like when I give my kids a present.  They have this brand-new toy that I've just gifted to them.  Then they toss it across the room, trample on it or leave it out in the yard to be destroyed.  It seems so ungrateful.  I want them to appreciate what they've been given; take care of it; enjoy using it for as long as possible.  Why wouldn't God want the same thing from us?  Appreciation for the body, the home, the animals and the earth that He's given us. He also wouldn't want me to be obsessed with my body (the earth or animals), so I try to keep balance.

I'll add more as I think of them.
But I'd also like to add that I just came through a time when I divulged on treats labeled as 'diet foods' or low carb alternatives (dozens of Atkins Bars, Sugar Free Chocolates and diet soda--< insert scream!!!!!>), which contained some really unhealthy chemicals and products.  That's no way to diet.  I've stopped eating those things and gotten back on track.  That was the wrong way to do it.  I'm going to eat as many fruits and vegetables as I can, each day and drink plenty of water as the main portion of my diet now.  Other things will of course be added in each day.

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