Thursday, May 20, 2010

Product Review: Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai Tea

Cheaper than a trip to Starbucks, this drink is awesome!  I don't know about you, but I HAVE been glutened unintentionally by Starbucks and with this drink--which comes in a few different flavors--that won't happen.  The Mocha was incredible and the Chai was delectable.  It was hard to decide on which flavor to pick.  Thank you Bolthouse Farms!!
I LOVE that they even list that the soy they use is not genetically modified.  That's hard to come by these days.  And look!  It says right there on the bottle that it's gluten free!!  Whoohoo!
How did they know what we wanted?
Feeling good is such an amazing thing.  Those who DO feel good, take it for granted and those who don't would give anything to feel good again. At one time in my life, I heard someone say that popping Tylenol and Ibuprofen for headaches all the time was a bad solution because if you're having headaches, there's a reason and you need to figure out what it is.  I thought that was ridiculous.  Headaches are SO normal.  Everyone has headaches all the time!  But now I realize that it's not normal or okay.  When I went gluten free, I stopped having constant headaches.  That, to me, is an indication that headaches are often caused by food intolerances, allergies and sensitivities.  Either by irritating our bodies directly or causing mal-absorption and nutrient deficiencies.  Once I became  more nourished and stopped eating gluten (reverse that order!) my headaches and fuzzy head feelings were gone. 
Don't underestimate feeling good.  Or feeling bad.  Maybe there's a reason.

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  1. I love this drink it's delicious and on a hot day perfect to quench my thirst.


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