Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who Your Friends Are

I've been playing Russian Roulette lately.  I know McDonad's french fries directly contain wheat starch, so I never eat them   But I have been eating Burger King fries.  And that's okay, if they use a designated friar.

Unfortunately, I know my BK doesn't.  They don't even know what that means.  Sooner or later I was bound to regret it and this morning, I'm so nauseous and gassy that I'm very very sorry.  Maybe I have a stomach virus.  That could be my problem. But I know I started feeling lousy not long after I had supper last night.
On a side note (not that I can stand the thought of food right now) it is worth mentioning that replacing the bun with a layer of french fries on the top and bottom of a burger is a satisfying--though messy--way to replace the bun.
Sometimes in life, we have to come to terms with who our friends are and who our friends aren't.  In fact, I'd say it's a dire part of gaining maturity when we can discern this sort of thing.
The popular, wild kids who always want to party and stay up late having fun...probably not really your friends.

The vindictive punk that let's you hang out with them when they're bored--but always finds some way to get you into big trouble--is definitely not your friend.

The nerdy, geeks who encourage you to join Quiz-bowl competitions and computer club and study groups...good friend choices, right?! would you categorize sugary treats like icecream?
Popular fun crowd.

Fried delights like donuts?
For me, that would be the vindictive punk that makes me really sorry afterwards.
Definitely not a friend.  More like an enemy.

Fruits, veggies, salads and the like?
Yep. You've got it now.  The nerdy friends that guide you down the right road and help you to have a brighter future.

Sugar is not my friend.

Gluten is certainly my enemy.

My true friends are the wholesome foods.

I hope I can keep that in mind this week and stop sneaking away to hang out with icecream, burgers and sodas.  The veggie bunch has been calling  me for way too long to keep ignoring.

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  1. And this is just for you, Saulty, if you happen to be reading this and thinking that I have no idea what real Russian Roulette is and blah, blah, blah... I bow to your manly superiorness because I know you are a veteran and you've been in some real tough stuff. It's just hyperbole. It wouldn't be all that interesting if I just said I had a tummy ache because I was stupid. Or maybe it would, since people today seem to enjoy candor so much. Any way...yellow journalism. That's all.


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