Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We have had the exciting experience of raising baby chicks!  My industrious husband bravely attacked Craigslist for candidates and found 20 newly hatched chicks for sale not too far away.  He drove several hours to get them and I constructed a fabulously stylish styrofoam home for them, haha.  It was pretty redneckish, honestly and it sat IN OUR LIVING ROOM for 4 weeks (I promise we're not crazy, just dedicated).  But it worked and the baby chicks were sooo cute and funfunfun to watch.  Quite a mix of muts.

We first decided we wanted to raise chickens while we were still living in Los Angeles.  We watched Food Inc. and read You Can Farm, in which, the inhumane and unhealthy practices of the egg business are really laid out.  Yes, it's just as bad for the meat industry, but you have to start somewhere and we decided we'd like to start with eggs.  So, this should be a healthy and educational experience for the whole family.  And hopefully, not tooooo expensive.  It should get easier on the wallet, after we can start growing food for our chickens (corn, millet, oats, sprouts, etc...) But we use a LOT of eggs anyway, so this could be a good way to save eventually.

Since this blog is supposed to be about gluten free food, I'll close with my favorite GF way to eat eggs:
An omelet.  If you don't know how to make an omelet, please go to Youtube and watch Julia Child make one.  She is the queen, in that respect.  But I like to add onions, bell peppers, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese to mine.  Top it off with a bit of fresh salsa and it's even better.  Yes, I do have odd tastes.  It runs in my family like glitter and puff paint on a toilet seat.  :S


  1. sooo sweet!

    at my elementary school, each year one class of fourth graders raised chicks and whoever wanted one could adopt one after a certain age... i always wanted one but never got the chance. (as a mom, i woulda said no also, but your pics are so cute!!!)

  2. this looks great!!!

    hey... i wrote a comment a few days ago and it isn't here. maybe it went to your spam folder?

  3. Yeah...I need a pocket-sized, bossy person to carry around so they can prod me when I'm lazy--that or I could just take off comment moderation. You don't require moderation of your comments, do you? Hmmm...

    Chickens are so much fun. We're going to start having eggs pretty soon. :D That would have been an incredible class project. Did you get headaches? They give off waaaay too much dander, surprisingly.

    Thanks for the comments.


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