Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sprouting Lentils

I'm currently on a health kick--they come and go for me.  I've been making blended fruit/veggie drinks that are a cross between fresh fruit juice and a smoothie.  I call this a Smoojie.  Just put whatever fruits you have on hand (even carrots and apples work, if you don't mind the texture) in your blender and liquefy them.  Then drink with a straw.  
I even tried fresh tomatoes, onion and garlic with basil, one day.  Which was...interesting.  Like tomato juice.  Not too bad.  Full of antioxidants, I'm sure. 
I've also switched to Sea Salt and Stevia and tried to cut down on my family's intake of both.  Some studies show that excess iodized salt and processed white sugar can block your body's absorption of important nutrients and 'destroy your health'.  I KNOW, the article says the same thing about coffee, but I conveniently ignored that part.  You gotta start small, sometimes...
Another, actually fun, thing I'm trying out, is growing sprouts:
These are the lentils that I sprouted.  They're not the tastiest thing on the planet, but they're very healthy.  One of my children will eat these, the other two seem uncertain, but find it to be a fascinating process.

This is the video that I followed to make mine.  I love this couple.  They're very...lively and remind me of The Wiggles for some reason.  :D  After living in Los Angeles for seven year, I reeeeeally enjoy seeing cheerful people once in a while.

If you'd like to know more about growing sprouts, this is a great video for learning about the nutritional benefits of sprouts.  It's also filled with beautiful pictures of various types of sprouts.
This is NOT me, in the video, by the way.
Now, if I can just get myself started exercising a little bit... :S

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