Sunday, March 6, 2011

The "Farm" Life

Yippy!  Spring is almost here in our first year of Big City Family goes Farm Folk...  I just wanted to share some pictures and update you on our baby chicks.
Daffodils are springing up everywhere!
We have quite an abundance of these buttery beauties.
A trail through the woods.
We started out with two cats.  Stars and Stripes.  But we were quickly adopted by the above kitty, which we named Impostor Stripes.  The original Stripes is napping below.
Resting peacefully--I had to animate this one.
Our baby chickies.  All grown up and ready to start laying soon.
This is Copper.
This is Roo.

The Field is turning green again.  It's time to get my seedlings potted and start the garden.

*************UPDATED WITH PICTURES OF OUR EGGS!!***********
Colorful eggs from our chickens.

This is what happens to mean roosters who try to peck children's eyes out...

A homemade egg basket--fresh from the field.

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