Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our City Garden

We live in Los Angeles, in a small house with a tiny backyard.  Our big dream right now is to 'one day become homesteaders with a real self sustaining farm'.  This, of course, means leaving LA.  We'd like to move to Tennessee ideally, since I'm a native.
     But for now, this is our lot.  Or, at least, our little box garden.  We're growing eggplant (my favorite), brussel sprouts, lettuce, two types of tomatoes, corn, squash, basil, carrots, potatoes, onions, stevia, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, bell peppers, watermellons, cantelopes and random flowers (and there are several unopened seed packets that my husband keeps buying). 
Yes, that sounds pretty ambitious for people with a backyard the size of most people's living room, but we've squeezed stuff in everywhere we can.  And amazingly, the plants seem to enjoy all the crowded company. 
Our last year's garden looked like a small jungle had exploded in one corner.  We had tomatoes off and on all through the winter.  And the strawberries began blooming before spring had rolled in.  This is due to our very mild weather (some say we don't actually have 'weather' here at all).

These February photos, with beloved cartoon characters, show what our garden looked like in the midst of a massive Tennessee snow storm.  We know all about it because my family called us several times to tell us about it and sent us 'invites' to view their web albums of the said snow storm.  Meanwhile, as you can see, we were hanging out at the beach and enjoying vine ripened cherry tomatoes...  But yes, we want to leave all of this LA 'goodness', for a bit of affordable land and less madness.  We can't wait.  So we're studying up about farming and gardening.   We highly recommend Nature's Harmony FarmCasts, if you want to learn more too.

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